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Cherry Hill Pediatric Dentist | Cobblestone Kids

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Cobblestone Kids Cherry Hill, NJ Office.

Cherry Hill, NJ

17 W. Ormond Avenue
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002



(856) 288-1929

Office Hours

  • Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm

Pediatric Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ | Cobblestone Kids


At Cobblestone Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we create a fun and comfortable atmosphere that guarantees your child will have a positive dental experience.  Book an appointment today!


Trust Our Cherry Hill Pediatric Dentists


At Cobblestone Kids, our pediatric dentists are committed to your child’s oral health. After all, excellent oral health is a vital part of overall wellness. Choosing us as your child’s “dental home” provides us the opportunity to implement preventive hygiene habits that will keep your child safe from dental and oral diseases. By making each visit fun, we also help your child to establish healthy at-home dental habits that they will carry through adulthood.


We are proud to focus on prevention and early detection. When it comes time for us to treat dental diseases, we always stay current on the latest advances in pediatric dentistry in both New Jersey and industry-wide.

Cobblestone Kids offers a range of pediatric dentistry services, including education, prevention, and treatment. We have the resources to treat even the most obscure pediatric dental complications; however, we would much rather prevent them from occurring. That’s why we focus our services on educating children and their families, so they can develop healthy habits and prevent tooth decay.


When needed, we have the ability to repair and restore your child’s smile. We typically see our young patients every six months for bi-annual check-ups and cleanings. If your dentist recommends an alternative treatment plan, the frequency may be increased.


When Should I Bring My Child Into the Dentist?


At Cobblestone Kids Cherry Hill, our pediatric dentistry professionals take extra special care of your children. We do everything we can to create an environment that facilitates smiles and fun for your entire family.


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that you bring your child for their first dental visit after their first tooth erupts and, ideally, before their first birthday. Though this may seem early, timing this appointment right is essential to ensure your child isn’t showing any signs of gum or tooth decay and gain peace of mind knowing that their teeth are erupting and developing properly. Your baby’s teeth can begin emerging as soon as six months –– so be sure that the first dental appointment isn’t far behind!


How Often Should My Child See a Kids Dentist?


Children and adults tend to have different dental needs. When you choose Cobblestone Kids, you can trust our caring dental professionals to communicate with your child in a way that will ensure comfort and ease. We work to establish the expectation in their minds that a dentist appointment doesn’t have to be something to fear – and it can even be fun!


Everyone, especially children, should come to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned twice a year. Decay is more likely to onset when kids are young, so it is essential to schedule regular appointments to protect your child’s oral health.


What Makes Our Gentle Cherry Hill Pediatric Dentistry The Best?


Cobblestone Kids has a well-earned reputation bolstered by our commitments to client-focused care, expertise, and innovation. For years, we have accommodated Cherry Hill with affordable, effective, and fun dental care.


Why spend hours Googling “pediatric dentist near me” when you can have Cobblestone Kids on speed dial? If you’re still convinced, here’s just a few reasons why your fellow parents in Cherry Hill love our office:


“Dr. George was extremely patient, yet very efficient. Our 2 year old LOVED his time at the dentist!! From the waiting area to the awesome patient rooms, everything is catered towards the youngsters.”


“My son was excited from the time he got to Cobblestone until he left. The staff was excellent. Dr Sara’s bedside manner was excellent. My son is very shy but Dr Sara’s was good with getting him to open up. He also loved the IPads in the rooms. He got to watch his favorite movie toys story 2. All in all a great office for kids.”


We Are Patient-Oriented and Holistic


Our pediatric dentistry is attentive to the overall health of our patients, not just their teeth. We are a team of caregivers with a breadth of combined experience that ensures all your child’s unique needs are met.


We Are Committed to Your Child’s Comfort


Our doctors and office staff take special care to make sure your child has a pleasant time at their dental visit and that they’re as relaxed as possible. If your child is nervous about their dental appointment, we always welcome Cherry Hill parents to bring their child by the office for a little look around. When you arrive on the day of their appointment, we ensure they meet the staff and are acclimated to our clinic before we begin. If you think it would help your child to meet us ahead of their cleaning, feel free to give us a call to schedule a tour of our office.


We Employ Innovative Techniques


Cleanliness and compliance are requirements that we take very seriously. We guarantee that our team always stays on top of any changes in legislation and advantages the latest policies and most advanced techniques in the industry.


Parents Love Us


Cobblestone Kids strives to form life-long bonds with our patients. We make it our mission to provide patient-focused care in a comfortable environment. Our team is a friendly one, trained to handle children with care and exude an atmosphere of ease. When it comes to pediatric dentistry, we set the industry standard.


However, don’t take our word for it. Put your trust in the opinions of the discerning Cherry Hill community.


“My son was excited from the time he got to Cobblestone until he left. The staff was excellent. Dr Sara’s bedside manner was excellent. My son is very shy but Dr Sara’s was good with getting him to open up. He also loved the IPads in the rooms. He got to watch his favorite movie toys story 2. All in all a great office for kids.”




Because of the fickle nature of American insurance policies, we are unable to provide blanket prices for our services. If you’re concerned about the expense of our dental care, our service team is always available to discuss the most cost-effective treatment plan for both your budget and unique requirements.



A Healthy Smile Starts at Our Cherry Hill Pediatric Dentistry


We are Cherry Hill’s best pediatric dentists. Don’t wait to get your child the care that they deserve from a dental team they will love being around. Schedule an appointment today and discover the difference preventative dental care and establishing good oral health habits can make to your child’s overall health.

The road to your children's great smile starts here

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